I Am Gracious - Girls Reaching And Climbing In Obedience Unity Stability
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  I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

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IAG's "Mile of Quarters"
As many know, all things that we do for I Am Gracious are free of charge for our kids & we want to make sure that we can continue on doing this. With that being said, I Am Gracious is holding an old fashioned change drive, but with a twist! It is called "Mile of Quarters". The object of this is to collect as many quarters as we can in order to make a physical mile. A mile is approximately 5,280 feet! Once you have donated at least a foot ($3), your name will be placed on our IAG “Wall of Feet”! I know it seems to be a lot, but don't think "defeat", think "the feet"! 

I need all of my friends to go the mile with me! Even if you can only take a couple steps…Help us go the mile! Walk on over to our "Wall of Feet" page to take some steps with us!

Gracious Spotlight

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India.Arie - A Beautiful Day
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