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About the Founder:

Trista Ledet Ames, 41, a Westlake, Louisiana native born to Pastor and Mrs. Nathaniel (Jacklyn) Ledet Sr., is the third of eight children. She is a loving and devoted mother of four and the wife of Kevin Ames Sr. Trista is a SOWELA College graduate holding an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and is currently enrolled at Northwestern State University.

Mrs. Ames began “I Am Gracious" on March 8, 2011 in an effort to reach out to young ladies ages 12-18 of various backgrounds, customs, or beliefs. She has a passion to help young girls especially those who have been put down, let down, disappointed or neglected by peers and/or family. Nonetheless, Trista has undergone her season of trials, and learned to encourage herself and endure hardship as a good soldier. Much of this she learned from her upbringing and desires to share the lessons she was taught and the encouragement she felt with hopes that every young woman she has the privilege of mentoring will be successful spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Trista was raised in a two parent home that she describes as “old-fashioned”; using “ma'am” and “sir” to address elders, being a helper to one another, respecting others opinions, and striving to do what is pleasing to God. Being reared with strong religious and moral beliefs, she wants nothing less for the young women under her wing and will do what is in her power to change their lives for the good.

She aspires to empower young women to believe in themselves and to teach them that validation comes from within oneself. In a society where the media implants a false image of who and what a young woman should resemble, Trista has vowed to take a stand to teach the contrary and impart knowledge and wisdom in the young females lives. “I want every young girl to know that they are beautiful, and I want to see them reach their goals and excel at all they put their hands to. As long as they have someone in their corner backing and pushing them to pursue their goals, they will definitely attain them.”

*Thrive Magazine awarded Mrs. Ames as one of thirteen “Thriving Thirty Something’s”. She was recognized in the May 2011 issue; claiming that she was “guilty” of going above and beyond the call of duty in her career and for our community.

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